Trash Collection

Regular Garbage Services

Garbage services are provided for all Crandall residents. Regular garbage service is Monday-Thursday depending on your neighborhood.

Brush and Bulk Trash Services

Brush Pick Up or bulky item service is provided every week on your regular trash pickup day.  You can put out one or the other of the following:

  1. You are allowed to put 2 cubic yards of tree branches and limbs only, out next to your trash container.   Additional brush needs to be stored in the back yard and brought out 2 cubic yards at a time every week.
  2.  You can only put 1 bulky item such as a couch, mattress, and other large household items out for collection one time per week with your regular scheduled trash collection. 
So that means you can put either the appropriate amount of brush or 1 bulk item out at a time. Not at the same time.

Additional amounts can be arranged for pickup directly through BlackJack Disposal for a FEE.

Residential Garbage Rates Per Polycart 

1 Cart $14.66 + $1.21 tax + $1.27 franchise= $17.14 

2 Carts $18.84 + $1.55 tax + $1.70 franchise = $22.09 

3 Carts $ 23.03 + $1.90 tax + $2.11 franchise = $27.04

Commercial Garbage Rates Per Polycart

1 Cart $25.49 + $2.10 tax + $2.44 franchise= $30.03 

2 Carts $35.58+ $2.94 tax + $3.45 franchise = $41.97 

3 Carts $ 45.67 + $3.77 tax + $4.46 franchise = $53.90

Hazardous Household Waste


  • Chemicals must be in their original labeled containers, except used motor oil and cooking oil.
  • All items must have spill-proof lids
  • Collect oil in a container with a screw-top lid.
  • All Items must have easily read labels
  • For sized small containers, items must fit into a box no larger than 20″ x 14″ x 14″ in size.

Please visit HHW Solutions  to Schedule a pick up.